Jazz Workshop

Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Photos from the O.N.H.H.S.J.W.P.A.:

These photos are from our Spring concert in the NHHS auditorium, that wonderful palace of acoustical polish and verve (ok, where'd that come from?!).

As you can see, these pictures suffer from a certain lack of, what is it? - oh, yeah. Light. Oh well. Better than nothing? There are a couple of really nice, dramatic shots - of JoAnn & The Percussion Twins. Hmmm, nice name for a band. Beats 'The Congealed Rice', anyway.

Once again, I hope you enjoy. Please do leave comments, but, out of deference to some of us (Frank), no more references to baldness.

stay tuned: the final installment (the Mayerhoffer Recording Session session) is still to come..... ... .. . .

Saturday, October 22, 2005

...a word of explanation...

Somehow, at the conclusion of The Year of The Workshop (1971-72, for all of you who may be, like myself, recollectively-challenged), I became the keeper of the Official North Haven High School Jazz Workshop Photographic Archive (yes, the well-known and highly regarded O.N.H.H.S.J.W.P.A. or 'On-His-Jaw-Puh' as it is affectionately known in photo-journalism circles). After 33 years, following established OSHA guidelines and entire (nano) seconds of careful consideration, a panel of experts (me) deemed that it was indeed high time these rare and refined Photographic Essays were published for the viewing pleasure of any interested parties (prob'ly just me again). Anyway, I hope you enjoy...and please feel encouraged to add comments if you feel so moved.
NOTE: There will be three batches of photos. The first batch - pictures from the (in) famous Quinnipiac College Show (afterall, just how did Jeff's white slacks get covered with mud on the way to the concert??) - are currently available for viewing and downloading. Two more batches will follow (who knows when?): the even-more-famous N.H.H.S. Auditorium Concert and the equally obscure Mayerhoffer Recording Session session.

Enjoy ... and Hello.

- Scott

Award and Performance at Quinnipiac College: