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Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Photos from the O.N.H.H.S.J.W.P.A.:

These photos are from our Spring concert in the NHHS auditorium, that wonderful palace of acoustical polish and verve (ok, where'd that come from?!).

As you can see, these pictures suffer from a certain lack of, what is it? - oh, yeah. Light. Oh well. Better than nothing? There are a couple of really nice, dramatic shots - of JoAnn & The Percussion Twins. Hmmm, nice name for a band. Beats 'The Congealed Rice', anyway.

Once again, I hope you enjoy. Please do leave comments, but, out of deference to some of us (Frank), no more references to baldness.

stay tuned: the final installment (the Mayerhoffer Recording Session session) is still to come..... ... .. . .


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