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Friday, November 11, 2005

"The End Is Near!"

Yeah, well, actually, I think The End is here. With the posting of the remainder of the Mayerhoffer Recording Session session photographs (as well as a few miscellaneous items), the time has come to fid a bond warefell...I mean...bid a fond farewell...to the old (and, just in case it has escaped anyone's attention, I do mean old ) archive. Yes, friends, you're finally seeing the back end of this little project. And, for good or bad, no urinals in sight. (Thanks for that enduring image, Jeff - I think I speak for us all in saying that your thematic photos of 11/11 made quite a...splash.) Buh-duh-BING.


  • At 5:05 PM, Anonymous FA said…


    Quite an effort, if I do say so myself. Not an especially successful effort, but nonetheless, an effort. Kind of like taking a ......, well, just an effort.

    How did you end up with all these pictures anyway? And who has all those unopened Workshop albums? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried anyway?


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